Ebay Yarn

Just curious… has anyone gotten yarn from any of the Ebay stores? I found one seller… knititems… and I LOVE some of the yarn they have. I purchased one color that I have never seen before called Lemon Ice as well as a few others. Just wondering if anyone else has had any dealings with this ebayer. To be honest, I don’t think I would have purchased had it not been for the quantity of positive feedback comments he has…

Ohhh I am on pins and needles waiting for my new stash additions!!!

Hi Chel! I love ebay! I’ve gotten lots of yarn from them and some really nice stuff at great prices. I like to get yarn from some of the farms esp, handdyed stuff. If they have a positive feedback, that’s enough for me.
Good luck and enjoy your yarn.

I definitely use the feeedback to decide whether or not to purchase from any seller. You did the right thing!

I buy (and sell) on ebay quite frequently, and have usually had positive experiences. Checking the feedback ratings is absolutely a must! You can get some really great things for really great prices on ebay! :slight_smile:

Two sellers Ihave bought from before and are very reliable:



gotta love eBay :thumbsup:

This is the store I was shopping from.
I did good… only spend $118.00 :doh: Tax refund? WHAT tax refund?!?

I think I got somewhere around 19000 yards of yarn in all… that should hold me ohhh about a month.

oh no. FM i’m in trouble-what great deals!! four skeins lamb’s pride for $23?! :shock: wow, hehehe

So, what did you think of their stuff…I just came across browsing them tonight. Did you like?

That seller sure has a lot of yarn at great prices! Thanks for the tip!

Since I don’t do malls and such (mobility problems) ebay is great for me. You have to watch the price you’re bidding and add in the cost of shipping and not get carried away. I bought a skein of Opal sock yarn in a ‘RARE’ discontinued colorway for the ridiculous sum of $25.00. But shipping was fast and I love the color and the one skein will make a pair of socks, and I couldn’t find it locally, and…and… (sound like I’m trying to justify this??)

Gladys, having her head examined in Michigan

I just received my hand painted merino from 100purewool on ebay. It is so beautiful and soft, I just want to touch it all day long. Instead I am here at work. I can’t wait to start making something with it.


I’ve really got to wonder how these sellers can offer yarn at such great prices … not that it will stop me :thumbsup:

A lot but not all of knititems stuff seems to be a bit smaller weight stuff on cones, I’m guessing they were originally intended for machine knitting. They might be mill ends or seconds also. At least their shipping seems reasonable, some places want an arm and a leg for their shipping which cancels out any good deal you might get, plus it’s awfully hard to knit without an arm. :rofling:

:shock: OH NO…I don’t need to know about new Ebay stores :shock:

I’ve always had great experiences at ebay too…but I only buy from sellers with good feedback. You do get some $$$ protection if you pay through ebay.

One thing to keep in mind is if it’s some kind of “generic” yarn…ask a lot of questions. I got burnt buying some wool once that was more for rugs than clothing :rollseyes: