Ebay Yarn?

Who else loves to look at the yarn on Ebay? I know its iffy sometimes when buying from people on there, but I can’t resist looking, especially the lots. I can’t seem to get enough of yarn. :heart:

I get yarn from ebay all the time. Mostly I look for discontinued yarns that nobody else has.

I just bought yarn from eBay. We even bought a CAR on eBay!

If you can think it, its probably on Ebay, I guess. I have yet to come up empty when searching for misc. stuff on there.

I bought a car on ebay too. I thought I was the only crazy one in the world to do this :teehee:

I bought yarn on e-bay ONCE and that was it, haven’t purchased yarn off the internet since. The yarn I received was not at all what was described other than the color. I wrote the sender and they said - no returns. It was a mess, the yarn was useless.
OT aside - never bought a car on e-bay but my husband has sold two motorcycles on e-bay

I love to LOOK at yarn on ebay! But I BUY a lot of yarn off of Craigslist.com!! Well, I used to buy a lot. Right now not a lot of people are selling yarn on craigslist in this area.

Oh well.

Yeah, like I said, sometimes it can be very iffy when buying off of Ebay. Luckily, they have a “Buyer Protection” thing now, where if you receive an item that wasn’t as described on the Ebay listing, or never received it at all, you can contact the seller and settle things with them. If you’re not happy with the seller’s resolution to your problem, you can go to Ebay’s resolution center and they can sort things out for you.

Never had to use this as most of the time the sellers are more than happy to help me out and there was a logical and reasonable explanation for whatever went wrong.

For example, one time I payed for an item and after a week, it still hadn’t been shipped. So, thinking that there might be a reasonable explanation for all of this (i.e. something happened at the other end and they had to delay sending it out). So, I sent them a message asking if everything was okay, being very nice an polite throughout, and sure enough, there was a logical and reasonable explanation.

Turns out the payment was sent to an old defunct account of the seller’s and they didn’t even know it. So, they got on the phone with Ebay and sorted things out and after the payment cleared, they shipped the item right out. I got the item a few days later and am still happy with it.

Nope. I avoid buying anything there and therefore don’t bother looking. I do buy online once in a while, but mostly at my LYS to support them. Glad you enjoy it though.

I buy bamboo dpn and straights off eBay but never yarn…

I’ve purchased a lot of yarn from Ebay, some from the regular yarn vendors, and some from individuals…and I’ve never been disappointed! I think folks are very concerned about their Ebay Feedback, and I always remember to give them good feedback.

I also like to buy knitting accessories, too…vintage circulars, needles cases, etc
I’ve never been burned.

I haven’t bought lot of yarn off eBay but what I did buy was find. No problems.