Ebay seller : roxysyarn

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I’ve been looking for some Plymouth Encore (chunky) colors and was unable to find them. So, I emailed roxysyarn asking if she was planning on having any for sale soon.
She wasn’t. But she did offer to special order them for me.

I explained that I’d probably only get 2 skeins of each color and that I was also looking for some Plymouth Yukon.

She said she didn’t have any problem getting them in for me. And, that she’d order some Yukon too, but didn’t think it would sell very well so she’d probably end up putting it on clearance. And because she didn’t want me to feel like I was getting the short end of the stick, she’s going to sell me the Yukon at the clearance price!

This woman is phenomenal! She’s:
making a special order knowing I’m not getting a lot
selling some of it at a cheaper price so I can get the best deal
her shipping had always been very prompt
and she has free shipping on all her auctions
oh, and making a special auction for me with the yarns I wanted

I told her that I swore I’d never buy any Plymouth yarns anywhere else :lol:
and recommend her whenever I could. :wink:

So I am. :smiley:

Her store is here

If you’re looking for any Encore, check out her shop. If you don’t see it, feel free to email her. She’s a sweetie! :slight_smile:

That’s service, for you! The Plymouth Yukon is nice!

WOW!!! I clicked on this expecting to hear about a seller to avoid. What a wonderful surprise.

Very nice!!! Thanks for letting us know!

thanks for the link to her store!

Thanks for the link, I see some wool that I think I’m going to order for my next project :cheering: .

:smiley: What a nice find! Customer Service is so very, very important! Thanks for sharing.

Yes, thank you for sharing. I just love the knitting grapevine here. :cheering:

You’re all very welcome. I’m just glad I finally have people to make recommendations to! :slight_smile: