Ebay Rant

So, after seeing some of the wonderful ‘Alan Dart’ toys that have been done on here, I’ve decided I want to add some of his patterns to my stash!

Here’s my problem… I live in Canada. Simply Knitting magazine (which usually features ONE of his patterns each issue) is almost non-existant here in Canada.

So… hence my Ebay rant. I’ve been searching Ebay for Alan Dart patterns and Simply Knitting magazines.
Most of the sellers are from the UK, which means $7-14 Shipping charge. Some sellers are willing to give a bit of a discount on multiple wins, but not all.

And… most sellers are only selling the Simply Kniting ‘pull-out’ of the Alan Dart pattern! They’re not even selling the entire magazine!! And the prices they want for just the pattern!!!

It’s highway robbery, if you ask me!

So… if anyone on this site has old issues that they are no longer using, and if you’re willing to sell them… I’m interested! (If they’re going for a fair price, that is!)

:knitting: I want to knit! :knitting:

There is a book of his patterns that while not cheap to ship to Canada means you’d have them forever.


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]He has some on his website that you can download Here[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#800080]He keeps adding new ones every month…[/COLOR][/FONT]

Thank you so much Jan! :muah:

I ordered the Irrestible Knits book AND a years subscription to Simply Knitting magazine!!!

OMG DH is going to kill me when the Visa bill comes in… :noway:

:pray: :aww: :pray:

BTW, I’m SOOO excited! :woot:

Thank you, but each pattern would cost me $5.00 in my currency! That’s along the same lines as ebay (hence my rant) :wink:

I’m glad I could help. Don’t tell your DH where I live. :roflhard:

Personally I don’t think $5 is that much for a pattern you can use again and again. Of course if you bought each one that would be cost prohibitive so that is why the book is a good deal. :thumbsup:

Considering that I was looking for 6 or 7 of his patterns, $5.00 each was a little too much… hence the book purchase! :woot: