Ebay is great!

One day I decided to check out the yarn on Ebay. Big mistake! Now I am hooked! I was a little afraid of buying from the internet, but I saw some stuff that was really pretty, and all the people I bought from had very positive feed back. Here is what I got so far: the 3 skeins of Comfort I got from erisstuff, the red/white/blue below that is Lorna’s Laces from yarnbow, and the pink and blue yarns are hand dyed wool, from forestgreener. All 3 sellers ship very fast and I’ve had great experiences with all of them, decent shipping charges, incase anyone is looking for a good Ebay seller. I also got some beautiful glass knitting needles. I was surprised how well the yarn slides over them, they are really easy to knit with.
I just bid on some more this morning and am watching another auction… there goes my yarn budget!!

It’s always nice when we find a good source, eh? Enjoy…

i too have ordered from yarnbow and forestgreener … and had great experiences! yarnbow ships superfast, and forestgreener had very pretty colorways:heart:

I just checked out what these 3 sellers currently have listed. Forestgreener doesn’t list the maker of his yarns. Does anyone know, and if it is privately spun, how does it feel? Erisstuff doesn’t list the weight of most of his yarn. Anybody know?

forestgreener’s stuff was soft. i think its a merino yarn.you could always ask the sellers :shrug:

wonder if anybody should tell her about Etsy…