Ebay Dilemma

I sold an item on Ebay last night.

My auction stated shipping to the United States only. Nothing about Canada.

I get an email that my item has sold, and there is a Paypal payment for it. I check Paypal, and see that they buyer is in Canada, and has paid me the 6 dollars for US Priority Mail.

I emailed back, and told him that I was not prepared to ship to Canada, and that if he wanted it, he needed to pay 10 dollars more for Priority International. He responded saying that 16 was too high, and that they didnt care about Priority, and would I find a cheaper way, and get back to him? (FTR, the only cheaper way is 9 dollars, and involves busting my rear to make it into town on a Saturday before noon, and my reasoning for NOT offering Canada shipping follows…)

My problem is that I live 15-20 minutes away from ANY post office that ships internationally, and the ONLY time I can get there is Saturday morning, and they close at NOON. The ONLY 24 hour PO is one of those automated kiosks, and they dont ship internationally.

So I rely on USPS.com for clicking, printing, and scheduling pickups of my packages.

And I only do US shipping. 6.00 priority mail for this particular item.

Am I being unreasonable? I did state in the auction that I shipped to United States…no where did I say Canada. Saturday mornings are reserved for my husband and children. Not to drive all over the place to ship packages that I can easily ship from home during the week.


You are within your rights to to tell the ‘winner’ he cannot have this item as your auction stated US only.

Contact the people at ebay if you have any problems.

I have had problems like this. I was selling an item, UK only and someone in Japan won it. It stated UK only in my auction, I got the people at ebay involved and it was fine.

I’ve also had people send me money orders when my auction say ‘PayPAl’ only.

As long as it is stated in your auction US only, you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about the buyer, they should have contacted you before making a bid.

No, I don’t think you are being unreasonable. I’m not sure how to handle it this time, but for any other auction put it in big bold letters.


I don’t think you’re being unreasonable. I did, however, find this on the USPS website. http://www.usps.com/international/prioritymailinternational.htm

Maybe they just recently started allowing PMI to ship using the online click and ship. But they also give a 5% discount.

If you can, take a screen grap of the computer screen that says how much it will be to ship it. Say, if you want it, this is how much it costs. If not, oh well.

Hope you get everyting worked out.

I think you’re being very reasonable, it was stated in your ad clearly, and I would probably do the easiest thing for me and not go out of my way to ship it cheaper.

FYI you can do a click-n-ship to canada. You just select Canada as the country at the very first step of the process, and you’ll probably need to print out a 2-page set of 3 customs forms and cut them out. It’s a bit of a process, takes only 5 or so minutes to cut up and fill out though. I know I had to affix a special envelope to the package, so if you don’t have the envelopes to hold the customs forms you’d probably have to go to the PO anyway.

You are being reasonable. It is the responsibility of the buyer to read the lisiting carefully. I would tell him he has a choice, pay the $10.00 or be refunded his money and you can relist.

I buy ALOT on ebay and NEVER make an purchase outside the US without FIRST checking the cost of shipping.

This is why we Canadians have an Ebay.ca

So we can shop from sellers who ship to Canada, and who are also FROM Canada.

Your definitely not out of line. I would inform him of the problem and refund his money.

I guess next time, also include a “Sorry I do NOT ship outside of the USA” to make it more clear. :muah:

Yep, I’d tell him quite frankly, that you stated that you only ship to the US. However, you will make an exception and ship to Canada if he pays the extra $10 for shipping. If he says no, simply return his money and relist the item.

He can not complain about it. Your auction said shipping to the US. You gave him a chance to pay for shipping to Canada, if he refuses, HE’s declining the sale, not you.

Thanks everyone! :hug:

Ive emailed him with the choice to pay the extra, or get a refund.

Now, whether or not he decides to be a butt about it remains to be seen. sigh

One of the HUGE drawbacks to ebay is the unmoderated feedback system. A seller or buyer can leave totally undeserved feedback just to be a butthead and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

I never leave bad feedback, even if it is deserved, because then the other party leaves bad feedback for you , EVEN IF YOU DID NOTHING WRONG.

I love ebay but that is one thing that needs to be corrected.

I think I’m the odd woman out on this one. I agree that it must be pretty annoying for you to have to go to the post office on Saturdays which are reserved for your family, but I think unless you have the big, bold statement like Jan said, I would assume that you would ship to Canada. I would have contacted you before buying the item, but I also think most people ship internationally. Put it in big bold letters next time and maybe it will be okay…I guess you wouldn’t send me anything eh!?

Actually, it DOES say on the shipping portion of the auction, where the seller will ship to. The seller shouldn’t have to put it in the auction multiple times for smart buyers. I get annoyed when I read an auction and it says in 12 different places they’re little rules! I’d rather all auctions be short and sweet, but for some reason sellers think that the prettier the page and more ways they say the same thing, the better.


Ebay lets you list multiple places that you will ship to. I only put USA in my auction.

Both on the top, by the picture(Ships to USA) and near the bottom where the shipping options are listed with the price.

He finally agreed to send the extra 10$, so we will see what happens from here.

And KnitGal, its not that I dont WANT to ship to Canada, but the international shipping fees are outrageous. And thats why I dont ship that way. I mean, this guy won an auction for a 3 dollar Hot Wheels car.


I see that you would contact the seller…he didnt. He just bid and won, and then paid the US shipping cost, and then got pissy with me when I told him shipping to Canada was more.

Usually when I bid on something, I make sure they ship to me before I bid. Thats just me. :hug:

I believe that what you did is absolutely correct.

Seems there’s two things here - shipping to Canada and your Saturday mornings.

There’s someone on ebay UK who states that he will only post stuff on Mondays and Tuesdays and no one seems to have a problem with that.

Perhaps if you write: “Items shipped between ----day and —day only.” That way, you won’t have the hassle on Saturday mornings.

If it’s an expense and palaver shipping to Canada, you could write “Shipping to US [B]only[/B] - no exceptions”

If it was clear that you shipped to the US only, you’re not being unreasonable. He probably just thought he could arrange something with you, and took the risk. But it is your decision to accommodate him or not, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you decide not to.

Before I buy outside Canada, I always check the shipping costs. Most of the times, it ends up not being worth it. :shrug:

Ok- well as a Canadian… sometimes you look everywhere for an item, or you need one cheaply and the only place to go is ebay.

So you look around and find IT… but the problem is MOST don’t even consider Canada. It is actually not added to many listings, so I have emailed to ask if I could bid. They always say yes, so I wonder why they can’t just say so in the ad?

If someone is really obvious “no international shipping- even Canada” then, fine. I won’t bid- but otherwise it is hard to know, so I just bid.

EDIT-------- Okay, so it was a three dollar toy car?? Well, I can’t say I blame him for not wanting to pay $16 shipping on that- I mean, I have paid only $20 to send a huge box all the way from here to Australia (at christmas, when you usually get charged more). I have never heard of such a shipping tax from people that I have bought from. Is this because he chose priority shipping?

Anyway, I guess I am just confused, but it doesn’t matter since I see it has been settled, lol.
Personally, I think it is rude of that person to argue with you- obviously shipping to Canada is higher, especially priority, but I usually ask for cheaper shipping too, so I can’t blame him for that. Just ship it regular post.

You never know who you are making happy by being willing to do that extra little bit and ship internationally. I know there have been many people on ebay that have been so nice to me to get me shipping as cheap as they could. Some even mark it as a ‘gift’ and then I don’t have to pay any taxes (for some items we have to pay even MORE once the item arrives!)

I use to sale a lot of stuff on ebay and I would use the shipping calulator. When setting up your future auctions you could offer shipping to Canada with any extra amount added in for your troubles. If you have selected global priority (which you use through your local post office) the person should be able to see that mailing cost plus your handling fee is quite high. Then if he/she wishes to pay that much extra, all is well and you don’t have to do anything extra than normal except fill out a customs form.

I fully understand how bothersome some people can be and I seem to attract them. PayPal and [B][U]postal money orders[/U][/B] are the only form of payment I will accept. It has gotten to the point where you need to place a large disclaimer at the top of your description page. Still that doesn’t always help.

Ebay though is a great way to clear out your closets and change the stuff you don’t want etc…into useable cash for other things. That’s how I’ve been able to purchase my Bernina sewing machine and other large price items.