eBay blunder

So I’m a total jerk now when it comes to buying stuff on ebay in a fit of excitement. Somehow I managed to win auctions on TWO Namaste Jetsetter bags. ummm, yea… I only need one. I can only afford one. I sent a message to the seller as soon as I realized my error asking to retract the bid. She sent me an invoice for both purses but still hasn’t respond to my msgs! :wall: I want to know what she is willing to do! I want my pretty new knitting bag… Wahhhh!

what’s the item number?? maybe she’ll let one of us take it off her hands?

The item number for the one I wanted and bid on first is: 120076407706 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=002&viewitem=&item=120076407706&rd=1&rd=1

I thought I lost the auction because the amount appeared in red, so I scurried over to the next auction that was ending in less than a minute to try and win the other. and I won both. :doh:

This other one I won. tem number: 120076408223 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=002&viewitem=&item=120076408223&rd=1&rd=1

The only dilemma I have now is if I have to pay for both, which color would I actually keep?? :teehee:

:psst: [size=2]keep the brown one[/size]


I vote for the brown one too. :wink: As for the extra bag, the seller should be able to make a second chance offer to the next highest bidder.

A few days ago I bid on 2 auctions, because I figured I’d only get one. I got both of them. Ooops. I knew it was a possibility so I made sure there were no duplicate books in the lots (it was 2 different lots of Terry Pratchett books). My husband read a book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and asked me to pick him up a couple of Pratchett books. I got him 15. He’ll be busy for a while. :teehee:

I personally like the black bag.

There was another bidder on the black one that actually bid as much as you did - but you were obviously faster. So maybe you can contact that bidder and ask her if she would take it off your hands? She was willing to pay the same amount, so the seller wouldn’t be losing a penny on the deal.

Good luck! Ebay is great but can be a pain sometimes too.

I think I’m going to keep the brown one too. It’s also the cheaper of the two! :teehee:

I contacted the seller again. Hopefully she gets back to me soon!

I loooove Good Omens! And everything by Neil Gaiman. And everything by Terry Pratchett. Your DH has good taste! (Well, he picked you, didn’t he?) :thumbsup:

I love ebay. This same thing is how I ended up with a bunch of styrofoam heads. Don’t ask.


Styrofoam… heads?

You planning on making reenactor hats?

I was actually looking at styrofoam heads on ebay today! :teehee: I didn’t bid on any however. I want to let this ebay storm calm first! Still no answer from the seller (it’s been 3 days since my first msg) so I’ll wait until tomorrow. If there’s no answer then I guess if will have to cough up the money for both and resell one. :shrug:

I have a brown Namaste bag. It’s beautiful! :heart:

Well, the seller said the Second Chance Offer is only available once I’ve paid? :shrug: So now I have to cough up the money and hope I can find someone to buy it.

So, uhhh… anyone interested in a new Namaste Jetsetter bag in black? :teehee:

OMGosh, I just finished that book last night!!! I loved it!

Geez, you’re buying one bag isn’t that enough for the seller? What if you just don’t pay? It couldn’t be that big of a black mark. Usually sellers are more understanding, I’ve had that.

you would think it would be enough! ugh. I just don’t want her filing a claim or whatever trying to get the money anyways. Such a huge pain!!

Those are so cute!! What do they hold, needles and one skein of yarn? Hmmmm… :teehee: I love bags.

I think they hold a lot. My friend has one and she fits multiple projects in hers. Usually a sweater and a shawl it seems. I bought it because I needed something bigger than my Lexie Barnes Flo bag!

Well, the black bag is up for sale now: Check It Out!