Easy wrap around shrug pattern

Can someone show me where I can get an easy and cute looking pattern to make a wrap around shrug pattern for an adult size?

I have one from Bernat, for an adult, but casting on 31 stitches on an 8mm size needle seems so small in size. Or maybe I’m just wrong.

Thanks so much for your help.

Those are pretty big needles, depending on the yarn it should yield about 10-12 inches in width. And if you’re starting with the sleeves, then you’ll increase. Is there a link to the pattern or a picture so we can see what you have in mind?

sure I’ll post it up…plus it’s so hard to knit with large size needles. It’s actually knitting in Bamboo yarn, but can I work in Red Heart Comfort yarn instead? It’s going to be a bit smaller in size compare to the bamboo yarn.

Here’s the link:

Is the Comfort yarn DK or worsted weight? Bamboo is a little on the bulky side, but you could use the Comfort DK doubled. Or use size 10.5 needles with the worsted and change the number of stitches. I see that the small CO is for 27sts and the Large 33 sts and you said it was 31sts… It’s very short, which is why you only CO enough to make 9 or 11 inches wide. If you want it longer or are using the smaller yarn, CO more sts as it’s knit from side to side. Whichever you use, figure out how many sts/inch you get and multiply times how many inches you need.

Sorry about the # of sts, I typed in the wrong number and wasn’t paying attention. The Comfort yarn is worsted, that’s what it said on the package, “knitting worsted”. All I need is to look at the already given gauge, and figure from there to how amny sts I need to CO for a longer shrug? What about the # of sts in the instruction?

Thanks so much suzeeq. =)

The gauge given on the label is really just to classify what weight the yarn is. You may be able to get the pattern gauge with size 11/8mm, but the sts may be too loose. Try size 10.5s/6.5mm and see if you like how the sts look with them. You may get more like 3 or 3.5 sts per inch, so you would probably need to cast on about 36 sts for the large, or even 39 if you want it a bit longer. Then follow the pattern as written; there doesn’t seem to be any shaping, just slipping the first 3 sts to make a rolled edge, the rest of the rows are just knit or purled.

will 39 sts be long enough? Most likely I will work with 5 mm size needles, I do have a 10mm but the sts are so loose. I’ve checked the scarve that I’m currently working on with the Comfort worsted yarn. And I’m able to get 6 sts per inch on 5mm size needles. So if I wanted it to be 9 inches wide, then I need to cast on 54 sts. Is that right?

I have another question for you, if you don’t mind me asking. When it said to slip the first 3 sts, do I just slip it off the left needle and transfer it on the right needle, and then continue knitting/purling?

Thanks so much again suzeeq.

Yes, if you’re getting 6 st/in you would CO 54 for 9". And yes, just move the 3 sts to the right needle and begin knitting or purling the row. That’s what makes the rolled edge. Though with your gauge, you might want to consider slipping 4 or 6 - the pattern’s 3 sts = 1 inch and your inch is 6 sts. It works the same way though.

Alright, this is awesome…I so get this whole gauge thing now…THANKS so much for your patient with me. I’m still a newbie at this knitting thing.

Can’t wait to get started…hehehe…thanks so much again. =)

Whenever you want to make something and your gauge is really different from the pattern due to using a different type of yarn and needle, just convert the pattern gauge and sts to inches, and those inches to your gauge. Or vice versa.