Easy ways to back work without a sewing machine?


I’m new to the forum and a beginner at knitting. I very entuastically knitted a log cabin blanket, in sections which I’ve now joined together. However the back looks really scruffy and I want to add a fabric backing to the work.

Any tips or signposts on how to do this without a sewing machine and without wanting to knit anymore? The piece is large (150x190cm approx) and I want to back with fleece or cotton.

Help! I’ve promised my daughter the piece for Christmas and I’ve no idea how to finish it!

Any advice greatfully received.


Welcome to KH!
I usually back with cotton and hand stitch around the edges. It usually requires tacking the backing to the blanket in several places for a baby blanket so many more attachments for a larger blanket.
Be sure to wash the backing before you attach it in case it shrinks.
Here’s a helpful guide: