Easy way to change pattern from crochet to knit?

A few of my friends and I want to knit this pattern but it’s crochet. Is there an easy way to change it over and still get it to look basically the same or is there a knit pattern hiding out there somewhere?


I’m sure it can be done. I was given a link to a mermaid blanket in crochet. I spent a lot of time trying to find a pattern that would give me knit “scales” without a billion gazillion ends to work in. I eventually gave it up. I’m doing a blanket in a crochet shell pattern worked in treble crochets. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/PurpleRainbow/irish-wave-baby-afghan I was less interested in making fins than the overall effect. I’m not at all sure it worked out but I do like the afghan thus far.

Short row shaping or using increases or decreases or sloped bind off to make the shape of the tail fins could work. I think just using increases from the tail up would give the shape of the body. It could be worked in a pattern or just plain garter stitch even. There are some wavy looking knit patterns you could adapt.

Best of luck on this quest. I’ve found it frustrating beyond words.

I found several over on Ravelry. Mermaid sleep sack or cocoon might give you other options via Google.

This first one is free, but in fingering weight. Would give you some idea of dimensions to work to, though, as well as general construction, if you’re up to using that as a jumping off point. Only one is offered in something other than newborn size, but you could probably work out a bigger size as well.


For all your help :smiley: