Easy-to-knit zigzag throw

Hello, I am knitting a zigzag throw that I found on JoAnn’s. This pattern uses a main color and two accent colors. For the most part I am knitting with the main color of A but for two rows every once in a while I will be knitting with color B and C. Below is the color for each row:
Row 1 - A
Row 2 - A
Row 3 - B
Row 4 - B
Row 5 - A
Row 6 - A
Row 7 - A
Row 8 - A
Row 9 - C
Row 10 - C
Row 11 - A
Row 12 - A
Row 13 - A
Row 14 - A
I will then repeat these row 22 times.

My questions is do I carry colors B and C up the project or do I cut and add them in each time? If I carry them up can someone explain how this is done?


You can probably carry a color up 4 rows, but that’s about it. You loosely twist the 2 colors together at the same edge as you go up another row.

Since I will need to carry the yarn more than 4 rows I guess I will need to add the new color in each time. Can you tell me the best way to add a new color? If you know of a good video that would be great also!

There’s a video on the Tips page about joining yarn of different colors.