Easy Tank Top Pattern Question

Ok, I am working on a tank top pattern and am about to decrease for arm holes. The pattern calls to knit the back 1st and then the front then stitch tog at the end.

It reads:

bind off 2 st at beg next 2 rows
dec 1 st at end of next row and foll alt row

I understand how to do this, but my question is if I am only decreasing every other row won’t only one side of the arm hold be decreased? What about the other side?

When I get to the front (I am knitting the back section now) will I be decreasing on the other side, so is that where it will work itself out?

Thanks, I’m new to the forum, just joined today.

Do you have a link?

No, it’s from a book = big knits (I think).

It sounds like you should decrease at each end. Hmmm… does the front have you decrease at each end?

Or maybe is it divided for the neck or something?

I found my problem. It says dec 1 st at “each” end of next row and foll alt row. Oops! I need to go to reading lessons to supplement my new hobby.

Thanks for your help!

You’re not alone. That pesky word `each’ is often overlooked…

Yepper, it sure is ! I have been hit in the rump several times with that word.