Easy sock pattern for dumbies

Is there a realy easy pattern for baby socks/booties for a dummy?

Amy has a link to a really easy one on this site. The North Country Baby Socks (or something like that). They are what I tried out to see if I could make socks. I don’t even have children or know of anyone who’s pregnant. But, I succeeded and now they are Christmas Tree ornaments! Besides, with Amy’s video here for the “turning of the heel” you should be all set to follow along. Once you get the idea about the heel turn, there’s no stopping you. You’ll be addicted to sock making like the rest of us!

i’ve posted a free pattern to a tube sock (it has a 6 stitch repeat, and my pattern is for an adult size sock (66 stitches) but any multiple of 6 (30, 36, 42) would work, and since they are a tube sock, no worry about a heel either.

the spiral pattern is stretchy (rib like) so the sock, if knit long it would ‘self adjust’ stretching out as baby’s legs/feet grew wider, with the sock going from a knee high to anklet…

(it is Jan 1st entry on blog)