EAsy Sock Pattern... can I share it?

I bought some Opal sock yarn today and I got a pattern free with my purchase. It’s a really easy to follow pattern… I’d love to share it but I’m not sure if it’s ok. I mean, I bought it. But I don’t want the makers of Opal Sock yarn going all spastic at me. LOL

Do you think it’s ok to share it here or should I err of the side of caution? It’s just so nice and simple to follow! And I know there are many out there like me who have been afriad to try socks… this would help so much.

I’m not sure if Opal offers the same deal over there in the states and other countries. ??

Was it this one?

Opal Label Pattern

or in here?

Multitude of other free Opal patterns

Odds are it is up somewhere on the net already. :wink:

If it’s not available as a free pattern one shouldn’t share it because of copyright laws. Thanks for wanting to share it, though!

Nope, it’s not posted on any of those websites as a free pattern. It did come free with my purchase… but I best not share it.

Darn! It just makes things SO easy to follow, too…