Easy,small, flat knitted doggie sweater pattern needed

Guess what! :shock: Santa came early this year for me!!! :cheering: My hubby brought me home a chihuahua puppy! :heart: :happydance: He is a little light chocolate bundle of cuteness ( with beautiful eyes) :inlove:

And no little puppy can be without some winter attire, right???

I’m looking for a very easy, flat knitted, small sized sweater or coat pattern for when we go bye-bye this winter. Anyone got any on hand??

Awww congratulations!

Here’s a link to a bunch of knitted pet items.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: You are so lucky, CONGRATS ON THE BABY!!! My nephew just gave his wife a pup, too…it’s the very smallest of the chihuahua (tea cup?!). We LOVE OUR ANIBABES around here :heart:

My baby, Sally :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t have a flat pattern :frowning:

Well, I have scoured the net and cannot find a flat knitted dog sweater/ coat sooooooo, I’m working on my own pattern. :thinking: So far it sounds like it will work on paper, but we will see. This is my first attempt at going out on my own. :?? :shifty: If it does work I’ll let ya know! :thumbsup:

I think I saw a flat one in the November issue of Creative Knitting magazine.

Did you find a flat knitted dog sweater. I am looking for one. I cannot wrap my head around adding the new ball of yarn and knitting all four legs together.

Have you searched Ravelry for dog sweater, worked flat? There are several pages of patterns although not all of them are indeed worked flat.
Usually, it’s only the front 2 legs that are worked at the same time by adding a second or third ball of yarn. The idea is that the areas between the openings can be knit at the same time so they turn out exactly even. You could just work one side, put sts on hold, work the middle portion between the legs, put those sts on hold and finally work the other side and when complete knit across all sts.