"Easy" scarf pattern

Hi, I’m a brand new knitter and found this pattern for an “easy scarf”. It uses the faggot stitch. I thought the picture looked pretty and the directions sounded pretty easy but I’ve been sitting for over an hour and have gotten nowhere.

I guess my question is, how should this stitch look at the beginning? Maybe I’m just not giving it enough of a chance? It seems like it just wants to curl around my needle, is this normal?

A video of this stitch being done had the pattern go K1, *YO, k2tog; rep from *
*K1, YO, k2tog; rep from *

Are both ways correct?


Thanks for helping a confused, stupid feeling newbie out!

it should give you the same/similar end product, but it will shift where the lace effect from the yarnover is, by one stitch.

your pattern says: “CO 18 sts. / Row 1: *K1, YO, k2tog; rep from * / Rep Row 1 until you are almost out of yarn. / BO.”

i also found a similar faggot stitch on newstitchaday.com where they have you “Row 1: k1, *yo, k2tog; rep from *to last st, k1”

i found a few others too. it seems that the yarnover happens first according to a number of sources. not that the other way is wrong, but i couldn’t find other places that did it. hope that helps…

forgot to add… the video of johnny @ new stitch a day showing this faggot stitch is at http://newstitchaday.com/how-to-knit-the-faggot-stitch/

just in case :wink:

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I think it just made me more confused lol. Maybe I should stick to slightly more simple patterns until I get the hang of it better. A quick learner I am not

That’s the video I watched that made me think my pattern was maybe wrong!

Wrong? It’s only wrong if you don’t like the way it turns out. Some of the best discoveries are made because someone does something wrong and realizes it’s not wrong, only something different. If this has you frustrated maybe lay it aside and pick it up again when you want to give it another try. Most of us have several projects that we work on depending on whether we want a bit of a challenge or, as with my big WIP (work in progress) a garter stitch shawl, something pretty mindless.

If you have some cotton yarn that pattern would make a nice washcloth, you could get some practice in with it, and when you get it more or less square it will be something you can use and a few mistakes you missed and didn’t get fixed wouldn’t make it a disaster.

I am using the size 11, 8 mm needles but I have a fine wool I am using. Should I be using a thicker wool/smaller needles? Would that make it look better? What size needles should I use? What would I use size 11 needles for? They seem huge!

the standard chart for yarns with suggested needles is at http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/weight.html - that’s what most companies follow when they label their yarn products. but these are just suggestions. standardized suggestions, but suggestions just the same.

size 11 needles are often for ‘chunky’ or ‘bulky’ yarns, at the thicker end of the spectrum. a ‘fine’ wool could be fingering, dk, baby, sport, or even light worsted, so there’s a whole range of needle sizes, from 3 to 9…

all that being said… the ‘right’ needles for you and your yarn are the ones that create a fabric you’re happy with. since you’re doing a lace-type stitch, you want the openness/airiness that the yarnovers and larger needles give you. but just how open and airy, is up to you. you could experiment with 8s, 9s, 10s, 10.5s… see how you like them. a small gauge swatch of each would be a quick knit, to see what you think.

Thanks XtopherCB! Darn, I guess I’ll have to go back to the pretty yarn section of the craft store again :wink: I bet I will be a lot happier with a chunkier yarn. Ahhh newbie problems

You’ve pretty much got your answers so- as for curling round the needle… That is normal till you get some length. Also the pattern takes more than a few rows to develop. Keep trying for a few inches at least.

The yarn used in the pattern is a heavy worsted weight. It’s a discontinued yarn, but any worsted weight should do. Most chunky year’s might be too thick making the fabric feel dense.

Here it it’s on Ravelry. You can see what other yarns people used and how they looked. Lighter and heavier yarns look gorgeous! You might want to give your other yarn a chance.

Thanks! I think I just panicked last night. Oops, now that I’ve had a chance to look around online and think it through I’m going to pull out smaller needles and give it a go. If I don’t like it I can always undo it :slight_smile: