Easy question to finish my project!?

I am making the Urban Wrap by Lion Brand. Coming along great just one little snag. I have the back and left side done. For the right side it say to "work as for left front.
This is the "left front pattern:

cast on 106 sts. Work in St st until piece measures 16 inches, end with a WS row. Neck Shaping (RS) Bind off 4 St (neck edge),work to end of row. Work next row (WS)even. Cont to bind off at beg of RS rows 3stsonce,2sts once, dec 1st once- 96 stitches. work even to until measures 19 3/4 inches.

Right front: work as for left front, reversing all shaping. That is my problem How do I do the reversing side? Do I do the reverse on the purl side to make the to sides facing each other? Gosh I hope I made that sound right. Like mud to me???
Thanks for any help I know it is an easy answer but for the life of me I am hitting a wall on this.

When a pattern tells you to ‘reverse shaping’ they just mean to make your decreases opposite of what you did the first time around.

The end result is that you want to do the neck decreases at the neck edge of the left side and the arm decreases at the arm edge. If you have to do them on the purl side, that’s fine.

Since you have to bind off at the beginning of the row, you’ll have to do it on the wrong side and knit the row in between to reverse the shaping.

Clear enough?

Thanks Ingrid,

It is one of those silly questions that can blog the mind. Once you said how to do it, it became really clear.
Thanks for the answer. :thumbsup:

I hate it when patterns say “reverse shaping” :doh: Requires too much thinking!!!