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I am going to knit a cabled headband, but need supplies for it. It says to use a Wool DK weight yarn and 3.25mm (US 5 I think) needles. I don’t want to use wool, and would rather use worsted weight yarn. What needle size should I go up to? I just think DK weight is too thin for my taste.


Just guess-timate
&&than make a swatch to check your gauge
until you find what it takes to match it

It actually doesn’t have a gauge!! what should I do?

Oh Boy.

Do you have a link for the pattern??

(maybe it would be easier to figure out if it could be visualized)

You can just “eyeball” it. Cast on and begin your cable pattern. Measure it as you go. When it’s as long as you want it to be, bind off, etc. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Although with worsted weight yarn, you will probably end up with a wider headband. How many stitches wide is the headband? You may be able to remove a few stitches in order to make it narrower.

I am casting on 9 stitches.

Wool is sometimes used as a generic term for yarn, so you could use any fiber. Use size 8 or 9 needles with a worsted and figure how many sts/inch you get. If the largest number of stitches across the headband times your sts/inch would make it wider than you want, don’t do as many increases so it will end up the size you want. The cable is probably in the middle withthe incs would be on the edges so that would be easy to adjust.

A link to the pattern or pictures would help a little more.

The link to the pattern is http://maidenfairknits.blogspot.com/2008/05/leonidas.html, just download the pattern. I’m not making it with the tail though, I am shortening it. Thanks!

That’s an easy one, there’s no shaping. The 9 sts make the cable, so you just follow the pattern. It will be a little wider, about 2", but that may not matter to you.

What size needles should I use?

Probably about an 8 or 9. I’d use larger with worsted, but that’s me, I like a looser gauge.

re: What size needles should I use?

the size suggested for your yarn, or 1 size smaller…

that may be a US7 (4.5mm) or a US 8 (5mm) or a US 9(5.5mm)

to some degree its up to YOU.

I like when making cables and ribs, to go smaller and would use a size 7 or 8 (medium weight yarn (#4) can be worsted or aran --i’d use 7 for worsted, 8 for aran.

the ball bands are likely to suggest 8 and 9–

but if you knit loose, you might want to go as small as 6 or 7…

(and if you knit tight, 8’s and 9’s!)

there is NO single answer.

it depend on your yarn, your gauge (even if there isn’t a gauge suggested, you get to decide what the fabric is light, soft and drapy and stretchy… or firm and detailed and less stretchy.

ME? i like firm and detailed and less stretchy…

but that’s ME and what i like!

YOU can agree… and go with smaller needles…

or you can disagree and go with bigger needles.

there is no RIGHT answer! Its YOUR knitting. Do what YOU like!

This pattern is just a 9 st double cable like a braid. I think larger, like size 9 would work better, easier to cross if looser.