Easy question for most

How do I know if I’m ending with a wrong side row??


You can tell depending on the st pattern. If it’s stockinette, the purl row is the WS. If it’s garter st, the RS is whatever looks better to you so the other row is the WS. Same with ribbing. If you’ve been doing garter or ribbing and the pattern tells you to ‘end on a WS row’ and the next row changes to another stitch pattern, then it’s really telling you the next row is going to be the RS row of that stitch pattern.

If that’s still confusing to you, then we’d need a little more information from you to help. What are you making, what have you been doing in the pattern, what do you do next…?

Take a look at your pattern. Sometimes it tell you do something on a specific row and it’ll say something to designate which side that is in parenthesis like this (WS). If that is the case you can usually figure out where you are.

If you’re just doing garter stitch it’s the same on either side so just pick one or count the ridges (2 rows equals 1 ridge) if it gives you a number.

This is a ribbing sample, but you can see what a purl side and knit side looks like for the stockinette.