Easy Purse Pattern?

Where can I find an easy purse pattern, that is a medium size bag for a beginner???

you might be a little intimidated by this because its got lace and crochet seaming… but seriously i’ve never crochet before and i didnt find it so bad!

The pattern is here: http://www.chezplum.com/pdf/isabeau_purse.pdf

and a really good KAL at Craftster (which includes a link to a tutorial for the Crochet seaming):

the Amanda’s squatty Sidekick from Knittingdaily.com is nice too, but a little on the small side. I’ve made 4 of them!! (LOL) It has good proportions, so I bet you could increase the size a bit if you wanted.

I just made the kitchen sink bag by Two Old Bags. It was easy and any parts I got stuck on I was able to find info from the videos here. With this project I learned provisional cast ons, icords and felting. It worked up really quickly. As so as I get mine lined I will post pics.


I got one at my lys but have found them online as well. If you haven’t felted before (like me) the instructions are really easy but although it is gianormous before you felt it ends up much much smaller!!

Booga Bag! I made my wife one two years ago and she still uses it.