Easy Purl Increase Suggestions

The project I’m working on has a purl row that increases from 88 to 220 stitches. I have to purl in the front and back of every stitch, then make one after every two pfb. But after I make one, my next stitch is too tight to pfb. So I need a better way to m1. M1T and M1A look like nice, easy options, but I’m wondering if they will look bad on a purl row. Is there a purl equivalent to these stitches or something else just as simple? Or will they look fine on a purl row?

You would want to use M1T; at least in my opinion that will be the closest you can get to a purled increase.

The pfb uses a stitch and the M1 goes in between sts, so in order for th incs to turn out in the right places you can’t substiture. So if you sub M1T/A for the pfb it’s going to mess with them. It helps if you work with a looser tension; you could also sub kfb for the pfb and it may not show and be easier to do.

ETA - maybe I misuderstood, I though you wanted to sub the pfb. But if you want to use the M1A/T for the regular M1, that’ll work just fine.