Easy plain waistcoat pattern needed

I want to knit my own Christmas waistcoat, with my own design. I haven’t knitted for years, but I create my own cross stitch patterns & I know about stitchfiddle, so I’m sure I can do the pattern bit. Knitting a design will probably be harder than I think, but I want to try.

The problem is finding a plain waistcoat pattern, with no fancy stitches. I want it to button up the front (at least part way) and fit a 40" bust. Pockets would be nice, but not essential. It should be in DK or Aran. I’m happy to buy a pattern, it doesn’t have to be free. Can anyone help?

What exactly is a waist coat? A vest? What is stitchfiddle?

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Something like this?

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Check GrumpyGramma’s link - that’s a waistcoat, at least here in the UK. A vest - in knitwear terms - is more like a sleeveless pullover. https://www.stitchfiddle.com/en is an amazing site to allow you to create your own patterns.

The Vested & Stylish pattern is very much the sort of thing, but it is spoiled by the shaping at the bottom (and the tie at the back, but that could be left off). The main pattern is going to be on the back, and the design needs to run along the bottom, so it needs to be straight.