Easy pattern for newborn hat and blanket?

Ok… I need, because of a promisse, to make ( a minimum of) 30 newborn hats and 10 baby blankets…

As you all must know, I’m very noobie to knitting.

Does anybody know any very easy and comfortale newborn hat pattern? What about blanket?

They will be donated to very poor people, so I want something they can really use it, kwim?

Also, what do you recommend as the best type of yarn to do those items?

Thank you so much in advance!! :heart:

Wow! What a nice thing to do! There are a bunch of patterns here that you could go through to find one you’re comfortable with.

As for yarn, depending on the gauge, you could go with one of the baby yarns or a soft acrylic. They won’t break the bank and will be washable and dryable.