Easy One Skein scarf

I made a deal with a girlfriend of mine. I was in a knitting rut and hadn’t picked up my needles in forever. She sews, so we made a deal… I would make her a scarf and she would make me an apron.

Here is her scarf (BTW… she hasn’t started my apron LOL)

Done in Red Heart Bright & Lofty. The color is bikini. I used BIG needles for it… size 17s :shock: My only issue is I don’t think its long enough. I am considering getting another skein and making it longer.

But it was a very quick knit and I loved working with this stuff. Very soft. I now have to make a red one for her 5 yr old LOL

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

I love the colorway…very pretty :smiley:

Pretty colors! :heart:

Most marvelous! Way to go! :cheering:

The color reminds me of sherbert!!


:roflhard: I said the same thing

Very pretty! It looks so soft. I’m sure your friend will love it.

I love it!

Preeeeeeeeety!!! :inlove:

Now tell her to get crackin’ on that apron; we need to see it, too!

Great looking scarf–but yeah–where’s your APRON!! :??

That’s a beautiful scarf! I love knitting with those bulky yarns and big needles; it’s quicker gratification for impatient types like myself. :happydancing: