Easy lacy wrap pattern needed

I am going to be having a hysterectomy next month and a dear friend has offered to take care of me in her home the first week after my surgery. I would like to make her something special as a thank you.

She loves scarves and I’ve made her several of those but I’d like to make her some kind of lacy wrap or shawl. I’m really new to lace so I need something simple that I can make for her. I’ve been looking but can’t judge by the pattern how easy they might be. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Feather/fan is a nice lace pattern that is very easy and pretty. Here are 2, one trinagle, one rectangle.

Thanks! I’ll check these out.

Fiddlesticksknitting has an Triple triangle shawl which is easy. Since she has another which she calls “easy”, I linked to her entire design page. http://www.fiddlesticksknitting.com/designs.html

Mesh lace sts are easy - knit the edge sts, then yo k2tog acroos to the other edge and knit those sts. On the next row you can purl or repeat the eyelet and do k2tog yo across.

Thanks everybody! Now I have lots to choose from! Looks like some good ideas for Christmas gifts as well.
This site is so awesome, I knew I’d get some great ideas here:muah: