Easy Lace Scarf Pattern is confusing me

I’m a new knitter and I have a question about this lace scarf that I want to knit for my stepmom for Christmas. (I have to work Christmas eve and Christmas so I will need to have this done by December 31st.) I’ve tried knitting it but I’m getting confused… The link to this pattern is

1.I counted the stitches at the end of each row and I am getting: row 1- 43 stitches, row 2-44 stitches, row 3-44 stitches and row 4-44 stitches. I think I have 1 too many stitches on row 2 but I keep getting the same number when I knit that row.

  1. Row 2 has repeat combination stitches… I’m only repeating the combination once. Row 4 has repeat combination stitches too, I’m only repeating the combination twice.

Has someone knit this scarf before? What am I doing wrong? :shrug:

When I count the stitches, I come up with 43 after row 2.

When you do the psso’s are you knitting two together?

It looks like you repeat the * stitches once on row 2 and 5 times on row 4–you should be repeating ( k4, yo, (sl 1, k2tog, psso), 5 times for 35 stitches, added to the first 2 that you use and the last 6 that you use, that comes to 43.

Thank you Ingrid. I was knitting sl1 k1 psso instead of sl1 k2tog psso. That’s where that extra stitch came from. Since this is my last gift I’m knitting, I am going to slow down and take my time. :smiley: