Easy lace circle shawl?

Is there a pattern for a lace circular shawl out there that isn’t really hard with like 2 millions rows for a repeat? :zombie: I’m still a newer knitter and REALLY want to try one of these because they’re SO pretty, but I don’t know if I have the stamina to follow many rows of a pattern right now.

And how are these typically knit? Are they knit in the round somehow? Or are they knit in “pie wedge” shapes and then seamed to each other?

I’m working on the Lace Foulard from Knit Pick’s most recent catalog, and I’ve gotten a little “brave” about making something else from maybe a double strand of laceweight yarn. The foulard is so easy that it’s given me more confidence to try something else with the laceweight yarn. :smiley: