Easy Knitting ~ Turned Bad

My sister and I found ourselves at a WalMart not long ago, on an errand for my Mom. I’d heard talk here of WalMart having yarn for sale, so I meandered over to that department.

I spotted cones of Sugar and Cream. So much Yarn! So Cheap! What fun. We bought two. Ecru and Peppercorn Ombre, deciding I would make gaggles of cool things.

Flipping through my magazines I happened upon a really cool beach hoodie by Sandra Prosser in a 2005 Spring Summer of Easy Knitting.

Perfect I thought! I devised a plan of knitting ten rows of color to four rows of ecru, and lo and behold on my last sleeve, I took a good long look at the panels which should eventually become the front and back. Much to my chagrin I noticed that they were not wide enough.
Grabbing my tape measure I found that they were only 15.5 inches whereas the pattern diagram says they should be 17.5 for the small, and 20.5 for the large. I’m thinking I need a 19.5 to be safe. That’s 4 INCHES SHORT ON BOTH SIDES!

My front and back are shortshort, and I’ve already bounded off.

k, frogging is not a possibility, with all of the color changes it would be a quagmire.

Picking up and knitting across the great divide might look like the worst of patchwork scenarios.

The only resort my mind can wrap around is crocheting alternating rows till the thing can meet around the belly.

Is there a doctor in the house?


Give it to a girl?

Thanks dear Ingrid.
I did think of that, except for the fact that in my all knowing knowledge of all things knitty…

I extended the length of my too thin panels.

It would be a dress for anyone under four feet tall. lol
This coming directly on the tails of a Toddler UGG Bootie that fits me!

I must recharge.
I must renew, the knit passion.
I must rise from this debacle, and trudge ever on to
brighterknit horizons.

Sugar and Cream ~ Cheap ~ Dispensible
Pride ~ Costly ~
Confidence is mine. Tomorrow.


So I don’t know when to throw in the towel.


Wearing such a thick hoodie on the beach looks kind of … hot. Maybe crochet some 1 inch wide strips from each side to the back to let some air flow in ?

Thanks skNYC for the suggestion, I’m on the Central Coast near Monterey CA, our beaches are pretty chilly most of the year, but I will think about your idea.