Easy first time sock pattern?

Do you all have any recommendations for an easy first time sock pattern? Freebies are good of course! I feel the urge to buy more yarn and start yet another project!

Go take a look at Silver’s Sock Tutorial! I haven’t gotten around to starting socks yet myself, but everyone raves about the tutorial… :thumbsup:

I used the 56 row 56 stitch sock pattern, found in the free patterns section of this website. I also used Silver’s tutorial along the way when I got stuck or wasn’t sure about directions, but overall the pattern was great and very concise. The sock fits great too!

I made the basic sock from this book and found it very easy :thumbsup:

I used silver’s sock tutorial mentioned above, and had no problems. Great first sock…lots of pics and instructions. :thumbsup:

these here are very easy, too

Thanks for all the great ideas! I printed some patterns yesterday, cant wait to pick up some yarn and start playing!

I just have way too many ideas!