"Easy" Fair Isle Socks KAL

Hi everybody,

I’ve decided to give my first (non-striped) two-color project a whirl, and I’ve chosen Knitpicks “Simple Stripes” Fair Isle Sock pattern. The beauty of it is that it looks like it’s actully a 5 color pattern because you’re using self-striping sock yarn. It looks like it’s also a great opportunity to try using many different types of charted patterns on one small project.

I’d love the extra motivation of having someone else join me for the ride… some more experienced knitters who know the fair-isle ropes and some fellow charted color-work-phobic knitters like me would be fantastic!

I have that pattern! I’ve had it for some time but it, like so many projects, is on my to do knit list! It does look like such fun and it’s really not hard. I hope to hop in at some point, but I’ve got other projects that have to be completed first.

I’m in! I have already finished the first sock and am starting the second. This is just the encouragement I needed to overcome SSS!

AWESOME!!! I am super pleased to have some company. The more the merrier.

I’ve cast on the first one and am ready to go… (alright, I cast it on for what was hopefully the last time after a few tries in the last month… first I had gauge issues-- think socks for Shaq, then I had color issues–think she forgot to start the pattern at the START of a colorway change, then I cast on and knit 3 rows forgetting all about ribbing.)

What colors are you guys doing/thinking of doing? I wasn’t thrilled with the colorways they chose for the example socks (I liked the green okay, but the brown with the primaries really didn’t send me because I’m not a brown lover). I’ve ended up using KP’s solid sock yarn (essential, I think it’s called?) in navy with their “crayon” colorway (primary colors) in the simple stripes. So the final result should be very crisp and clean and… primary. I loved the black essential with the sweet tarts striping yarn, but both were sold out, alas. I hope they get more of the self-striping yarn in, because I’m addicted!

I’m using the Navy Essential and the Simple Stripes in the Orange/Green/Brown colourway.

I’m new to this forum but I have had this project in my future project box for a little while. Looks like a good reason to get it started!

I’m using Essentials in Cocoa and Simple Stripes in Crayons.

I’ll cast on tonight or tomorrow, will post a progress picture as soon as there is something to see.

Awesome! The more the merrier!

Ok, so I said I’d be knitting this pattern and I AM!.. sort of. I decided I don’t like top-down socks so I’m knitting these using my(well Wendy Johnson’s) toe-up method but still using the fair isle pattern from the Knit Picks pattern. So kick me out of the KAL if you must but I’ve got to be me! I’ll post a pic of my progress later today. It’s such a cute little toe. The only problem is that I didn’t check to see exactly where in the striping pattern I started I’ll probably have to do some trial & error on the toe of the second sock. Lessons will be learned.

Kick you out of the KAL? pshaw. Wouldn’t dream of it. I’ve really got to get around to trying toe-up socks and two socks at once.

As for my sock, I do believe that I’ve finally got a start that is not going to lead to a total rip-back. Yaaaaaay! I’m done with the checker-board band and halfway through the stripes band. And having a blast. I’m loving Amy’s continental-with-one-color and throw-with-the other technique. I swear I’m almost going FASTER than normal (that could just be the fact that I’m done with the cotton-pickin’ ribbing, finally).

Ok, I said I would be posting my progress awhile ago. Here it is, finally. I had a false start. My first attempt would have fit the worlds thinnest foot, maybe. So here is try #2. It’s going much better this time. It’s not the best picture, looks better in real life


KnottyDaisy, your sock looks great! I love how the blue stripe turned out (although I see that you, like me, do not totally have the magical symmetry going on between pattern band width and stripe-color-width that the pattern portrays)…

I’m heading into the last pattern band on the leg portion, and I’m thinking the heel turn and gusset will go pretty quickly. Finally. After… 5 false starts?

I don’t have any progress to report. Real life has intruded on my knitting time :shrug:

I’d love to see what everyone else has gotten done! In the absence of a picture a description will do just fine!

I’ll post a picture soon, but what I’ve gotten done (slowly-- real life is intruding here, too!) is the leg of the first sock. It’s time to make the heel flap and turn the heel, but it’s a short row heel and that’s new for me AND I’m using two circs instead of DPNS (which is what the pattern was written for) and it’s going to take a while to figure out how to convert everything over!

Hokai, I turned a corner and turned a heel tonight! My first short row. And on two circulars no less (turns out that that’s hardly a feat). I was really impressed! No gusset! No picking up of stitches? Awesome! Just a looooot of counting. But frankly, I lost count a few times and the thing still came out as, well, a heel!

Here’s a cruddy webcam pic:

That looks awesome!

My sock has been put aside for the moment but I think I’ll pick it up for awhile over the weekend and at least get the heel turned.

I want to make socks in this pattern to try out fair isle for the first time, but I’m waiting to finalize some Christmas present ideas so I can put in one big yarn order all at once. So count me in if people are still working on this when I get my yarn! :muah:

I’m a fink. I turned the heel of my first sock and I realized that I couldn’t stand the color combination. I think I’m going to make something lacy out of my Essentials Cocoa and maybe some regular socks out of the Simple Stripes. They will be loud enough for people to hear me coming for miles in the colorway I have but they should be fun, anyway. I think I’ve definately decided that I’m more of a texture person than a colorwork person.

Awwww, knotty, we’ll miss you. But I hear where you’re coming from. KP’s suggestion of mixing brown with primaries for this pattern is a little disconcerting. I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. Hence the Navy essentials (wish it were black, but they were out!) with the crayon simple stripes… I have sweet tarts on hand, but I love it too much to detract from its glorious colors in this pattern (also, these socks are a gift and I want sweet tarts to be MINE ALL MINE!)

Has anyone done the heel on this? I’m not sure what stitch to pick up in the row below.


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I had some trouble getting the heel to line up with this pattern but ended up faking something in the end. I didn’t keep track of my faking though, so my two socks don’t have heels that are the same size, but they both fit (but in different ways). :rofl:

For picking up stitches in the row below, I picked up the stitch directly below the next one on the left needle.