Easy double knitting website?

Does anyone know of a double knitting website that has easy double knitting patterns?

Thank you :slight_smile:

What are you looking to make, Janelle?

I’m not quite sure yet with double knitting. I tried the heart pattern on this site and at another website… but I just got confused with the boarder on the heart pattern. Maybe something without a boarder? It’s just a little confusing for me. Or maybe something simpler than the heart pattern?

Maybe one of these will work?


Ahh thank you Jan! I found a simple striped hot pad that I might have a go at. I’ll just have some fun with this :oo:

Actually, Jenelle, ANY charted pattern can be turned into a DK project…you just have to understand that each square represents TWO sts…one knit in color A, and one purled in color B. If you go to the top thread in this forum, I remember someone posted a link to some of her favorite chart sites.

Thanks again kellyk!! :slight_smile: