Easy cardigan

ookay i found out i was pregnant at christmas, and thought “cool loads of baby knitted stuff here i come” but started to suffer really bad morning sickness and i couldnt even read the patterns without feeling sick, so i had to put my hobbie on hold.

but now im back and ready to go (still feel sick so its going to be slow)

I have already deciided id like to make a nice cardi/coat type thing for baby to wear the day s/he comes home from hossie, i dont know sex of the baby yet, so thats going to mean that it will have to be one for either a boy or a girl.

also im new to the whole cardi thing… all iv manage to knit so far is a hat for baby, a blanket (which later fell to bits because when joining on new colours i cut the wool to short lol) and a load of knitted dolls for family.

seaming im not great at but i have someone who can show me how to do that so seaming isnt a prob.

i can do most stitches (gater, stocking, moss etc) so that again isnt a problem.

I seemed to have picked up knitting pretty quick and prefer the complicated stuff to the easy stuff so far with everything i have done, but iv not put button holes into anything and iv never made anything that someone has to wear lol

(iv only been knitting since august last year)

so any help would be greatful guys

iv looked on a few of the free sites but cant find anything thati like thati actually understand.

i would ask mil for one of her books with a pattern in but she thinks i wont manage yet.

also id love to make a baby sleeping bag (the one iv seen that i love but cant find a pattern for is a basic cardi with an extra long back longer front and a hood)

right ill stop there before i waffle on too much

thank you agian in advance.

will check back tomorrow as i now need to go feed my other two children and get them ready for bed.

(13+5 wks pregnant)

Have you looked at EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket? There is an entire thread here on it. I haven’t done one yet (I have the video the needles, the pattern and the yarn but not the time) but there are pictures of ones that others have done that are lovely.

thank you, think ill go have a look for that one and give that a try

not really had time to have a look on here lately so thought id post a message (lazy i know lol)

thank you for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

Hi Lindsay!

First I have to say Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and your little one… I totally understand the morning sickness thing, I am pregnant too… (25 weeks) and I had to put the knitting on hold most of the time because I had morning sickness and then I just felt really tired… I am back now, at least I am trying again. :wink:

I have been knitting for a long time, however I am still afraid of trying complicated things… so far what I love knitting the most are blankets, although they are big projects they are pretty “plain” when it comes to a pattern and I think it gives you the confidence to try a little bit more everytime…

This is a super baby sweater pattern… Quickie Baby Sweater I have made it always using size 6mm(10US)… I printed it and kept marking on the side right after I finished a row so I wouldnt confuse myself. (I have pic in my blog ;))

Baby booties are easy too, specially because you can have them done in a few hours :wink:

Better stop writing now or I will write a novel… Congratulations again!!!

thank you melissa and congratulations yourself :slight_smile:

I will have to open that link on my upstairs pc i dont have pdf thingy on this one lol

and ill also check out your blogg as well see what i can copy hehe

im loving making the baby stuff its so quick and easy

but yes i also like making the blankets

im thinking of making a plane white one for when baby comes home because i have about 3 or 4 big balls of white baby soft wool that need using lol

thank you though for the link will put it to good use :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :cheering:

Here’s a few links for you to check out.


I had to use the Wayback Machine to find this one… :?? Guess she doesn’t have a site anymore. If you like it make a copy and save it just in case it disappears for good.
Cute sweater-June