Easy cardigan for 10 yr. old boy?

I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me on my pattern quest, even telling me how to search online more effectively. I’ve checked here, and all the other free pattern places I can come up with and all I’ve really accomplished is getting very frustrated. I’d be willing to purchase a pattern but I’m too inexperienced to know if it would be a good choice.

I’m trying to find a pattern for a boy’s medium size cardigan that doesn’t have set in sleeves. I started a cardigan that does have set in sleeves and after knitting the back I realized it was too small and ripped it out. Now I’d like to find something a little simpler before I start again. Any suggestions? He’s selected RHSS urban camo yarn so I need it for worsted weight.

I may have to give up on a cardigan and have found a top down pullover. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80029AD.html Do you think that might be reasonable? I could crochet a top down without a pattern but this yarn just doesn’t work well for crochet so I must improve my knitting skills!


I’m sure I could eventually get the set in sleeve pattern worked out but I want him to still fit into the sweater when it’s done!

Are you a member of ravelry.com? There are tons of free patterns there, as well.


I don’t think you should eliminate set in sleeves just because there was a problem with the size of the sweater. That sounds more like a gauge problem and in that case, incorrect gauge will cause problems with raglan or drop shoulder sleeves as well. Raverly is a good suggestion because you can use the advanced search to specify age of child, cardigan and yarn weight among other criteria. What about Pattern Central?

I’ll have to check to see if I ever signed up at Ravelry. Thanks for the suggestion, DCM. Sounds like a good place to explore.

salmonmac, the thought of the set in sleeves is daunting and I thought raglan might be easier for a first sweater. It is indeed a gauge problem, you are 100% correct. Before I started with different needles I thought I’d explore other options. I’ve looked at Patten Central and lots of sites till my eyes are crossed. Finally decided to ask for help which I’ve gotten!

The fact is I really like the looks of this pattern and will do it one day, maybe just not this time.

Here’s a sweater pattern generator that may be of help to you. You input the type of sweater you want, the yarn type, and the size. It gives you a pattern. It includes sizes for infants, children, teens, and adults.


That sweater calculator is amazing! I think I will definietely make use of that.

This gramma would love to be in PJs right now.

Thanks to all the wonderful help I got here and elsewhere on the internet, the sweater needs only buttons to be complete. I’m pretty happy with how it worked out. I’ve learned a lot lot and fully expect my next sweater will go more smoothly and I’ll have a better finished product. I will post a picture later, if I can. I think my grandson likes it and that’s what really matters.


Congrats on finishing the sweater and do post a picture. It would be great to see the finished work. Wonderful that your grandson likes it too.