Easy but not too boring pattern for a cotton blanket? >>

I have 5 cones of Peaches & Cream just sitting in a box.

Granted, I don’t love knitting with 100% cotton, but I would like to have a nice oversized throw for me.


First off, don’t use size 7 or 8 needles with it, go up to 10s. It will be easier on your hands that way. Other than that I have no pattern suggestions, take a look at most blanket/afghan patterns; there should be something you can use.

That’s alotta cotton! Whoo Hoo! I would think any pattern for an afghan would work. I know that using the larger needles will make it lighter but don’t get too much larger or you’ll lose any detail in your pattern. 9s and 10s are good for detail. Keep in mind that a throw or afghan takes time but a few rows each day will getterdone! Cotton does nicely with knit/purl patterns. There are several basketweave and ripple patterns available. Do some Googling!

What about a enterlac pattern?

I just finished a baby blanket called the Heritage Blanket using Cotton Ease, but it can easily be adapted to a adult throw by increasing the pattern between the borders. It was just a combination of knits and purls, it is a very easy knit and I think it looks great.

I used 4.5 mm instead of the 5.0 mm needles because I didn’t like the drape or look with the larger needles. The only thing I would be concerned with using all cotton yarn is the weight.

Another option is a ripple pattern.

47 inch cable?

Sure you could use a needle that long, but 36" will work as well too. I have a 40" that tends to get in the way, so don’t use it much.

I’m curious, did you find a pattern, Boo? I wanna see!!!