Easy, bulky, pullover in garter stitch

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]or stocking stitch…
I’ve got my heart set on making myself a sweater as described above…:heart:
I have it in mind that it will be the easiest sweater that I will ever make… no fancy stitching, bulky… but not necessarily in the yarn. I want a rolled collar and set-in sleeves (raglan gets the best of me).
Anyone got any ideas where I could find a pattern to fit this bill.
I’m nowhere near to getting started on it… well, except I seem to have bot some wool on EBay today…:aww: .
I’ve been searching online for patterns but so far… no good.
Soooo here you are, my new friends on KH… please help me out with this one…
p.s. The yarn I’ve just bot is a worsted weight, varigated.[/COLOR]

Do you want a sweater that’s made in pieces, or are you OK with knitting in the round?

I see you don’t want a raglan, but what about drop sleeves?

Or a Yoked sweater, no raglan shaping. There’s Top Secret at knitty that’s bottom up, or a yoke sweater pattern generator at www. thedietdiary.com/blog

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I haven’t used circulars yet but I’m willing to try them. I hear they are so easy to knit with and that there is no seams to worry about. I like that idea…
I do have a few circular needles that I bot secondhand and I’m raring to try them out. The big problem, as I see it, is getting the yarn twisted and getting the link between the needles to straighten out.
I don’t like raglan as I used to knit Indian sweaters and the sleeves took forever… drove me nuts. LOL!
I’ve done one sweater (in pieces) with set-in sleeves…
I could even add some kind of design with a different colour, because that is something I do know how to do. Can that be done in the round? I’ve only ever done it on straight needles.
Thanks so much for your help…
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Garter st in the round is done by knitting one round and purling one round. Stockinette in the round is done by knitting every round. So if you don’t want to purl, you should consider doing it in stockinette. Raglan sleeves in the round are actually much easier than doing them flat. You generally start out at the neck, and have markers for where the raglan increases are and increase every other round. Then when it’s long enough, you put the sleeve sts on holders and knit the body, then go back and knit the sleeve, only it’s just from the underam to wherever. That can be done in the round too so you don’t have seams. A yoked sweater is done the same way except the increases are spaced further apart and you do several increases on the same round.

You can try putting the cord of your needles into very hot water for a minute or two, then hold them straight as they cool. That, and the weight of the knitting should help them straighten out somewhat.

About adding a colored design to your sweater–if you do decide to knit in the round, doing stranded color work is actually easier than doing it flat. Knitting intarsia in the round is another story. It can be done, but from my understanding, it’s not easy (I’ve never attempted it myself, so someone else out there could probably give you a better idea about that.)

If you did want to do a motif that would have required intarsia to do it’s really easy to do duplicate stitch on stockinette in order to add the color afterword. This illustrates how to do that:

One thing about duplicate stitch to keep in mind though is that if you use it on large sections of your knitted fabric, then large sections are going to be twice as thick. So that’s something you should keep in mind, especially if you are using a heavy and/or chunky yarn.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thank you so much for the duplicate stitch how-to, Marria. I would love to try this.
Thanks to you and Suzeeq for the help yu have given me with this. I really appreciate it. :muah:
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Here’s a pattern that might fit the bill - rolled collar, set in sleeves, listed as “easy level”. You can find it online at Moda Dea yarns - free patterns. Go to their Free Leaflet Patterns; sweaters, tops - see Pg. 3 #LM0112. It’s shown in their Sassy Stripes, variegated yarn. The pattern is right there for you. It’s done in stockinette, not garter, but if you want a rolled collar you’ll want to do at least the collar in st. stitch.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thanks for the information, Jean. I’ll go have a look… I don’t mind that it’s in stocking stitch or garter just as long as I don’t have to do anything fancy… LOL~
Thanks again!
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