Easy Belt pattern - Fun Fur yarn

I’m trying to make a belt for my mother for Christmas, but I just started knitting. If there is an easy pattern out there that I can make a belt with Fun Fur yarn, that’d be wonderful!

Thanks, collegeknitter

Depending on how wide you wanted it you could just CO some sts and just continue in garter st (knit every row) till it’s long enough. Then you could find a cute buckle to add to it.

With fun fur you won’t see the sts as well so I would just go with the knit st, if you use a different yarn then you find a stitch pattern you like it and do that :thumbsup:

I agree with Dustina. Fun fur obliterates the stitches so just do a garter stitch belt as long as you want it and add a buckle.

hi hope i am not posting in wrong place but noticeing about the belt i have just done one in fun fur and it is best to just do all knitt and i did mine in royal blue and added a silver buckell and it looked great from Happypins