Easy and free pattern for thumbless mittens?

I would like to make my 19-month-old daughter some thumbless mittens on an i-cord, but I’ve never knitted mittens before. Is there a pattern for these somewhere? I haven’t been successful on my internet search. Not to sound funny, but since I know how to knit hats and use DPN’s, is this something I can figure out how many stitches to cast on based on yarn weight and measurements, knit a ribbed cuff, then just treat the rest of the mitten like a hat, knitting until it’s long enough to do decreases with?

In my search for the mittens, I found this…it is SO cute!!! Aren’t knitters innovative? :wink:

Oops–I found one after all! :cheering:

And here’s another.

I think my internet is sluggish today with the bad weather.