Easy Afghan?

Can anyone suggest and easy peasy - but fun afghan pattern for a newbie?

I want to knit something warm and cozy for camping, and I have 10 skeins of Sirdar Salsa with merino in Moss that I’ve not got a plan for.

I’d like something that won’t take too long to knit - so I don’t lose interest, but at the same time I don’t want a boring stitch that’ll also make me lose interest.

Any ideas?

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How about a log cabin blanket?

My first idea is big needles. My second idea is a sampler.

I’m not familiar with your yarn, but

I don’t think the yarn I have would do it justice - its a kind of speckely yarn.
Also, In saw another thread on here earlier this week that said the Log cabin pattern ends up with ridges on the back, and I don’t think that would do justice to the yarn.

Thanks though, I might do one of those next with some brighter colours.

What about this? You could do the stripes in stockinette, and reverse stockinette.

see the red blanket below…

side note: i saved the pic below from somewhere on the internet a while back. don’t ask why i didn’t save the pattern, but it looks like the one below is knitted from the inside out with YO increases…

This pattern is my favorite. I have used it for three blakents and a scarf!

I like both of those, I think I might go crazy with that much moss stitch though.

I really like the red one, can’t find a pattern for it though.

I’m still looking though :hug:

You could look at the basketweave pattern for an afghan, which is what I am working on right now. the pattern came in a booklet of about 20 other afghan patterns all requiring the same needle size so that was good. Artlady has also posted her basketweave pattern afghan with microspun, though I am using double stranded wool to make it go faster.

I just found a pattern here that you should be able to make the red blanket out of.
cast on 8 st.
she has you do a m1, but to get the holes, do a YO instead of the m1.

and then you can knit 8 rows all the way around (increasing every other round), purl 8 rows all the way around (increasing every other row)… that should give you the ridges that it has.

the good thing is that you can stop when you run out of yarn.