Easy afghan/throw pattern single color?

Hi everyone,
I’m a beginning knitter and I’m eager to find a pattern for a small afghan or throw. I’ve got 10 balls of Red Heart Super saver yarn: should go with size 8 needles: I also have size 11 circular needles. Any suggestions for an easy pattern?

Try knitting pattern central or lion brand web site free patterns. I have downloaded several from both sites. On lion brand, be sure to check for corrections cause it seems there are several printed with errors. tillie

There are lots of free patterns here sorted by subject. Don’t forget to look in the baby section as well since those are always smaller. :wink:

I just bought one at a thrift store because I like the color and the pattern and I may use the pattern later. Here’s my deconstruction of it…

I think it’s a multiple of 13 sts plus 12 to CO.

Knit garter for 4 rows, k3, purl across, k3 on the next row (WS).
K3, k2, p2, k2, yo, k2, p3tog, k2, yo repeat across, end with k2, p2, k2, k3. Purl all WS rows with k3 on both ends for a garter border. End with k4 rows, BO.