Eastern knitting

I taught myself to knit about a year ago and have been fairly content with that, but recently I’ve discovered there are MULTIPLE ways to knit (this blew my mind, trust me). What has really piqued my interest is Eastern knitting, but I can’t find a lot of material on it. Does anyone have any links to good tutorials on the Eastern method?


I found this. I think it might also be combined knitting or at least a variation of that.

Combined knitting is a combination of Eastern and Wester styles. I think Russian knitting is an eastern variation, don’t know if Portugeuse is another, or totally separate.

The Russian knitting I’ve seen is a type of Combined knitting.

I went to the video Jan directed you to. I didn’t actually watch it, because I have dial up connection for my internet and it takes a long time for a video to come in. I found two very short videos that show Eastern knit and purl. They were like 10 second or less videos. It was not easy to see what she was doing but there is a link to the gal who made the videos blog and she shows some still shots of how she does it and I figured it out from them.

It seems you would need to cast on some other way (?), because all of the Eastern knitting, the purl and the knit stitch is supposed to be mounted on the left needle with the back leg of the stitch leading whereas Western knitting (what we are more familiar with) is always mounted with the leg nearest you in front. Combination has the stitches mounted Western when you purl them and Eastern when you knit them.

This link is definitely Eastern. LINK There is a place at the top of the page on the left to see knit stitch, this is the purl.

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Thanks a bunch everyone. :slight_smile: