Eastern European/Combination Style Question

I have recently switched from English/Western knitting (throwing) which is the only way I had ever knitted. It was hurting my shoulders. I love this Eastern European/Combined way and the Continental way. I want to know how to cast on for a 2x2 rib stitch. I’ve been trying long tail but when I start the first row the purls are fine but it is too difficult to get the needle through the back of the knit stitches. Am I doing something wrong? I also tried switching the position of the knit stitches but no help. It is only on the first row after cast on that is the problem so I figure the real issue is the cast on itself. Hoping someone on here is knowledgeable about the Combination way and has an idea.
Thanks so very much :slight_smile:

I wonder if this version of long tail cast on would help?

It uses the long tail in a knit and purl version that may make the knit sts easier to work into on that first row.

Thanks so much. This is the video that shows the style knitting that I like for ribbing. It is the combined or eastern european. It works well for the ribbing and such but I will switch to other styles for other projects as it requires too many adjustments when following patterns :). http://w

I just now found this on casting on and it is in a section that says help for combined knitting. I will try this. Thanks for all help on here.

I used to knit Eastern. The long tail cast on is the same, except you wrap the yarn around the needle clockwise (under the needle) instead of counterclockwise (over). This gets the orientation correct.

I am knitting Continental Combined (which means my purl stitches get mounted the other way). You can do a completely normal long tail cast on when knitting Eastern style. Combined knitting means that you have stitches mounted both ways, and you simply approach them differently depending on how they are mounted.