"Easter Bunny on a Bender" Wrap

When I first started knitting in February, a friend of mine had just made this crazy fun wrap out of Prism’s Wild Stuff yarn for a family friend. I certainly couldn’t afford that yarn, especially not a month into knitting :noway: But, I really liked all the funky crazy textures and since I love bright colors, I wanted something fun to wear on vacation.

I cast on somewhere around 300 stitches on size 17 circular needles and used about 11 different yarns (here are a few of them) :teehee: I would knit a few rows in one yarn and then switch to whatever struck my fancy at the time, heh. It ended up being rather ginormous and you can probably see me from space when I wear it, but it did look cute with a black cami and black capris this summer on vacation :lol: Though I honestly don’t know where I’ll be able to wear it again, because it resembles what I would imagine the morning after a wild night with the Easter Bunny, the Lucky Charms Leprechaun and My Pretty Pony would look like.

I finally made my little sister model it over the weekend because I realized I have no pictures of me wearing it!

Here are a couple pics:

Easter Bunny on a Bender

It’s Huge!

And rather bright :teehee:

Oh i like it!! the colors you chose really compliment each other. and yes its perfect for the summer

It is great !
I love the colours too. I think it is perfect.

Pretty! And I love that haircut!

With your lead-in I thought the thing was going to be hideous like clown barf or something. Do I dare to click the link? :oo:

But it is really pretty! I like it!! :cheering:

Yup, HUGE and COLORFUL!!! Nice job.

It’s beautiful! I was almost afraid to look, but it’s really pretty! I love the colors. And it’s not so huge, just roomy. Wear it proudly.

I think it is wonderful! It will be great for spring and who wants a wrap that is too small. I love it!

Very pretty.

:teehee: I was a little nervous opening it as well… but it looks great!! Perfect for spring and summer… great job!! :thumbsup:

I wasn’t sure what to expect with a Easter Bunny on Bender but I love it! Great job!:thumbsup:

BTW your sister is a beautiful model–I love her hair cut!

I think it turned out nice too! It would keep you nice and warm in a too cool air conditioned movie theater or restaurant. And if you’re wearing the right colors, it would compliment the outfit very nicely! I love making projects with different yarns like you did. Great job!

Thanks everyone! Sorry I scared you all :lol: I just wanted to warn you of the possible retina damage to be caused by looking directly at the EBoaB wrap :mrgreen:

I’ll be sure to pass along the compliments to my sister as well, she just got that haircut on Saturday and is still trying to get used to it! :wink:


I think it’s gorgeous!! I want to party with those guys, too, if that’s how it turns out!!

What do you mean
its LOVELY and JUST the right proportions
Everone here is right, the colors compliment each other nicely
it would go with half a dozen outfits I wear in public, and ANYTHING I would wear just around the house
a wrap that is to narrow in ANY direction is NO FUN, a bit on the bigger sidie is a LOT more doable
just wrap it differently for how many layers you want to keep you warm