Easily suggestible

I’m reading Debbie Macomber’s “A Good Yarn,” and I love it! (The sequel to “A Shop on Blossom Street.”) As part of the story, several women meet for a sock class. Next thing I know, I’ve purchased “Sensational Knitted Socks,” and am looking around for sock yarn online :shock: …like I need new projects! Not to mention, I’ve only ever finished 1 sock (note: not a PAIR of socks, just ONE sock!!) :rofling: My cast is coming off on Tues – after 8 long weeks --(YEAH! :happydance: ) so I should make some special “I can walk again” socks :smiley: .

I’m currently working on the sampler from “The Sweater Workshop,” so I figure socks will be a fun summer activity when I’m tired of working on the sampler. Anybody else doing the sampler?

We all need new projects! I’m pretty suggestible when it comes to pattern books. I’ve got two sweater books and I want to knit 95% of what’s in both of them… when I get the time!

Hooray for getting your cast off! New socks are certainely in order!

:smiley: I love the Sweater Workshop!! Although…I’ve not yet done the sampler, will after the Knitting World Cup :thumbsup:
Don’t you just LOVE Sensational Knitted Socks?! And, if you have SSS (2nd sock syndrome)…knit your socks in tandem :wink:

I knitted my first pair of socks while reading that book, too! lol

Are you into murder mysteries? If so, check out Knit One Kill Two. I started to teach myself to knit while reading that one. lol

Someone just gave me this book today!

Oh Holly, come sit next to me. I read the same books, bought the same stuff and bought the same sock book. I love good company.

If you two start dressing alike I’m going to get concerned!

Nikki – A soulmate!! I haven’t got the book yet, but I can’t wait for its arrival :smiley: . Too funny that you had the same reaction as me! How wierd is that???

Knitaddict – :happydance: A series of knitting mysteries starting with Knit One Kill Two have somehow ended up in my Amazon cart, and it is your fault!!

Rebecca – can you only knit socks in tandem with certain methods (i.e. on 2 circs, etc…)? Is that covered in the Sensational Socks book? I sure hope so…that may be my only saving grace when it comes to completing sock pairs!

AnreeAce – What sweater books have you recently purchased? I :heart: reading pattern books/mags. I get a rush when I realize I can understand the pattern and think “hey, I can do that!!” If I find something I don’t understand, I get obsessed with figuring out the technique (not that I ever go back and do the actual pattern mind you :wink: )


(in my best evil voice) Mwah ha ha ha!!! :wink: I hope you like them. I’ve only read the first one. :slight_smile:

I’ve got The Pleasures of Knitting and Arans and Celtics. Pretty ambitious for somebody who’s only been knitting for six months, but I fell in love with them.

I read pattern books and cookbooks as if they were novels, cover to cover and multiple times!