Easier toe up cast on?/?

I’m trying to do a toe up pattern and all the cast ons I’ve seen are for the figure 8 and I’m having a really hard time with it! The stitches fall off, they are too tight, etc…is there an easier cast on for toe up???

Thank you in advance! :hair:

Go here to this page:
About halfway down there is a section for toe up toes. My favorite easy cast on is the Aloha cast on by Queen Kahuna. I use it all the time for all my toe up socks! There are some other interesting cast ons there too - I say try a couple and use what’s easiest for you to do.
Good luck!

I’ve just made 2 pairs of toe up socks, and they were my first ever. I used this method from Knitty… it was pretty easy. Maybe it’ll help?

I don’t make socks, but have used the Turkish cast on for bags and it’s really easy; it’s used for socks too.


Yup, turkish is hands down the easiest for socks. You don’t necessarily have to do 2 at once, or use magic loop, though that makes it even more efficient. (There is a link for 1 on 2 circs that you should be able to get from the link given.) You can use this method for other toe up styles too – not just the one shown – e.g., you can do a short row toe or a rectangle toe if you want. Just start the cast-on the same way and work the live stitches when you get to the point when you need 'em.