Easier patterns for me


I have been looking for easier patterns for me to knot. I have concentration and memory issues and I get mixed a lot. Does anyone know of simple patterns to knit. I’ve accomplished dishcloths, scarves and hats so far. I love to knit and don’t want to quit.

You could try Ravelry or a Google search for easy or beginner patterns for sweaters, cowls or whatever interests you. Read over the pattern and see if it makes sense. Not all “easy” patterns really are!
I know @Jan_in_CA has a nice sweater pattern that she recommends.
We’ll be happy to help if you run into problems.

I made my first sweater after I’d been knitting 3 mos. It was from this site -

That may not be what you’re after though. What would you like to knit? There are lots of relatively easy patterns to knit and we can help if we know what you are looking for.

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Thanks. A new site I’ve never seen! :slight_smile: Thank you again and to @Jan_in_CA for sharing!

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Don’t be afraid to mark up the patterns to keep your place. If it’s a book you don’t want to mark up (I will write in pattern books to better explain or correct for future use but don’t want to cross out finished rows) masking tape is quick and easy, fold over one end so it makes an easy to grab tab to peel and restick. Or you can scan and print the pages to freely mark up.

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