"Ease" in Dog Sweaters

I am trying to make some custom sized dog sweaters for a few people, just to try my hand at it. I know how many stitches per inch I knit in both the ribbing (neck is ribbing, it’s a turtleneck that folds down) and seed stitch (body) and I know the neck circumference and chest circumference of the dogs. So I know how many stitches I need to match the circumference. What I’m not sure of is how many more stitches, if any, I should be adding for ease. Dog sweaters should fit snug, you don’t want any sagging. The yarn/pattern is pretty stretchy. Anyone have experience with this?

I would think knitting to the measurements is good, not too snug or too loose. You may need to take the fullness of the dog’s coat into consideration too although you’re likely knitting for short-haired dogs.

For sure you’ll need to wash and dry your swatch to make sure of the gauge after the wash.

Hi eoreilly24 I have to agree with salmonmac regarding the snuggyness of the sweater i have found this to be true as i have made numerous dog sweaters in numerous patterns i walked into the vets office last month where within five minutes i had at least a dozen prople as where i had bought my dogs sweater when i told them i had made it they wantedto know if i would make one for them. Boy what a business i could have. What surprised me the most was that it was a simple sweater made up of stockinette st. Most of the sweaters i have knitted are for large dogs where it is difficult to find sweaters in their sizes

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Thank you both, that is what I will do then.

I’ve been playing around with dog sweaters, too – am now on #3, and each is an experiment. I’m using a free pattern from Ravelry (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/perfect-fit-dog-cat-sweater--pat-generatr-topdown) which can be made for any size; you take measurements, then calculate required stitches, following the instructions. (It helps to read comment pages to see other people’s experiences; I discovered that way that a large dog’s fit may not perfectly match the basic calculations . . . . ) The only mention of ease in that one that I remember was at the beginning (for the neck); you can add an inch after you’ve made the calculations if you have an animal that doesn’t like to wear something tight. That, of course, will generate ease the rest of the way down, it seems.