At just before 1am GTM I heard a crash and felt my room shake. Shortly afterwards people were shouting down the street going “What was that?” It was kinda freaky since we don’t usually get these things in the UK but apparently it was a 5.2 earthquake. I expect the crash was some of the bricks from the building work down the road hitting the concrete or something like that. I didn’t even believe it was an earthquake, I considered it and then thought ‘but I live in the UK!’ Anyone else feel it?

I’m in the US but thought of you and others in the UK–everyone’s ok I hope!? Scary!!

Lots of bumping and grinding going on around the world (no not that kind :roflhard: ), this is what, the third earth quake this week? Hopefully it will settle down.

Oh honey… not even close. There are dozens of earthquakes each day. Most of them can’t be felt, but of course many can.
Check this out. It’s the earthquakes in the last 7 days. See California and Alaska? I live in CA and didn’t feel a thing though.

I think the last one was 20 years ago. We didn’t feel the recent one here, but it’a been all over the news all day. Last one I remember was when I was about 6 or 7

So far there are reports of one serious injury, hit by falling masonry from his chimney as it fell through the roof.

I know. We even get them here except they are so low nobody feels them. I guess what I meant to say is this is like the third big one this week or the third I’ve heard about. Sometimes my writing skills aren’t so ideal.

Ahh okay. :wink:

I guess 5.2 would seem big if you don’t live in California. It’s a good shaker, but those 7’s… :lol:

Yes, I live in the eastern part of the UK and it woke me up in the night. At first we thought that my next door neighbour was running his tumble dryer in the night again, but soon realised that the rumbling was too loud for that!
My oldest son and husband went out into the street and said there were flocks of birds wheeling round the skies, guess they take to the sky for safety when something like this happens.

Our local news just had a segment on it. Seems you guys are worthy of our news here with your earth quake. Some of the video was pretty scary and they said two people were hospitalized. Lots of brick down and chimeys, etc.

I hope no one was seriously hurt.


i was just dozing off when i felt like the house was shaking (turns out it was) i woke up thinking that soembody had broken into the house or my house mate was stumbling around drunk … then i fell asleep again and forgot about it until my freind mentioned it the next day.

5.4 is fairly big in general … but it does depend on the type of land movement too as to what you feel. and it HUGE for the UK, although i seme to have noticed/heard of more in the UK in recent years.
i guess that makes sense though, once one thing starts shifting everything has got to move alittle until it all settles down again.

made me laugh though, we have loads of japanese students here … most of them didnt notice it, but have been up in arms about the high winds, which most of us are used to … i guess you can get used to different things huh?

I didn’t feel this one, where I live. But I felt the one that happened near Dudley a few years back.

How are things, for you, now?

I didn’t hear anything about an earthquake in the U.K. Are you close to London?

I’m fine and as far as i know there is still only the one serious injury that has been reported, I don’t know what the damage was like though, I haven’t seen any where I live. I was in Birmingham at the time. Most people I know slept through it actually.

I slept though it :sleepy:

geek alert

For those who are interested and use FireFox, there is an [COLOR=Red]extension[/COLOR] that sits at the bottom of your screen and alerts you each time there is an earthquake anywhere in the world. You can program it to shake your browser with the intensity that matches the earthquake’s Richter scale number.

You would be very surprised at the number of earthquakes that occur each day. Even large ones that happen that you do not hear about. Most are in Alaska.

end geek alert

yay for geeky things. by browser is now shuddering away