Earthquake in socal

Everyone in southern CA okay? We had a pretty good size earthquake an hour or so ago. Preliminary report is a 5.8 centered in Chino Hills which is about 25 miles from me as the crow flies. We had one picture fall off a shelf and a few of the ones on the walls are crooked, but otherwise no problems. It was a rolling one with a couple a sharp jolts and a loud cracking noise. Not sure what that was.

I’ve got the news on right now. They just downgraded the earthquake to a 5.4 They’re reporting some minor fires (?), some water main brakes, and lack of cell phone service. Oh, and lots of aftershocks…

I just saw that. Well, that’s good. I did have some problems with my cell phone and even the land line initially, too.

I still remember the one in 1989, I was in college and watched the coverage instead of going to my philosophy class. Hope everyone is ok.

no problems here. I was in a Starbucks, so just made sure nothing above my head and waited it out. I don’t seem to make quick decisions in earthquakes, I keep waiting to see how bad it gets and then it’s over.

Oof, hope our fellow KH’ers are okay. :hug:

Me, too. I was trying to nap and I sat up and kept tabs on the things, but it wasn’t that big a deal. :wink:

Well I guess Pasadena was too far to feel anything, or else I slept through it, ahem. :teehee:

Glad you are ok, Jan!

Hmm, earthquakes, a good reason to fill your house with as much yarn as possible… yarn is soft and squishy!!

I know someone in Thousand Oaks that felt it so you must have slept through it! :zombie: It was at 11:42 am though…have a late night? :teehee:

Glad everyone is OK. Isn’t it funny how you’ll sit there waiting to see if this one is going to be the big one instead of getting to safety? It’s like we never really believe it’s going to get really bad or we think if it does, we’ll somehow be able to outrun the thing. Silly us!

Crazy Aunt Purl gives her account of the quake in her July 29 blog entry.

Hope all are OK.

“Cover your arms with your head” ??? :?? Shouldn’t that be the other way around? :roflhard:

I work in a high rise so I got to see all the buildings sway. I hate that. first it shook and then it sway one way and then the other way. but nothing fell off the shelf.

Thank goodness you folks are reporting in OK!

Whole lotta shakin’ went on here by Venice Beach. Egads…seemed like it lasted a lot longer than they said it did. My butt was so firmly planted on my sofa I only seemed to be focused on the blinds swaying back and forth, the time elapsing (wondering how much longer it’d last) and whether or not my huge wall unit would come crashing down on top of me. I’ve lived thru several tornadoes (back in MN) and am reminded by these major weather phenomenon who’s ‘in charge.’ Jeesh. (But, I prefer this kind of tremor to the sudden jolt that throws you off your feet and makes the bldg lurch and creak.)

One of my neighbors has her mother staying with her but the daughter was at work and the mother doesn’t speak much English. I’ve never met them but the mother stepped out into the courtyard, toothbrush in hand and was clearly panicky. Tried to assuage her fears and she seemed fine, later, when I checked on her.


Nice to hear that you guys are ok . I HOPE EVERYONE ELSE IS TOO

OK I got to work this PM and apparently everyone here felt it. So I guess I did sleep through it! I can’t believe my dogs didn’t wake me up. One was in the bed with me! :shrug:

Jan I am usually asleep during the day and up at night - I work 6PM to 8AM at the hospital so today I went to bed around 10 and got up around 4. I guess 11:42 was dream land!

I asked my coworkers if the pets at the hospital freaked, but they said that they didn’t seem to care. 2 of the doctors hid under their desks though! We have bookshelves on the walls above our desks and each book weighs about 10 lbs! So I guess it was warranted.

Hey, of you guys who are homeowners in So Cal, how many have earthquake insurance? I just bought my place in February, but I elected not to get it. The cost was ~$5000 per year, and the deductible is $50,000, the coverage was only $100 K or so… I figured it wasn’t worth it. I told a few of my coworkers that and they flipped out! They said I was crazy not to have it. :eyes:

AND, I think the earthquake shook loose some crazy people. It has been nonstop, crazy people all night in the ER. :blooby: (I don’t know what the blooby is for, but it reminds me of crazy people so I threw it in there.)

I saw that on the news today. How scarey! I hope everyone’s ok.:hug:

:hug: :heart: :hug:

We don’t have have it. I’m fairly certain we couldn’t afford it either. I heard on TV or radio yesterday that only 4% of people do have it.

We have all the bookcases and entertainment center bolted to the wall. I did that for earthquake safety and because the cats like to get up on top. Things can still fall off, but I don’t have to worry if something big might fall like that.