Earth Hour

Help raise awareness of Global Warming and take action against climate change: turn out your lights for 1 hour at 8:00pm on March 29th. For more details, visit:

Well I suppose if climate change were actually man made instead of a natural part of the planet’s cycle this might make a difference…

But what does it harm? Nothing…So why not then save yourself a bit of cash on your energy bills?

I agree Mason. All things have a cycle.

Yes, all things do have a cycle, however, I find it impossible to believe that with all that humans have done to the earth it has had absolutely no impact whatsoever. And, even if one is of the belief humans haven’t negatively impacted the earth in some way, what is the harm in being conscientious? I would rather play it safe in the hopes of slowing down whatever negative impact we may be causing so that my children, all children won’t have to face any possible consequences of our negligence.

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I agree Demonica. Whether climate change is caused by humans or is just part of a natural cycle, why not make an effort to reduce pollution? :shrug: I’ll do my best to remember it on March 29. :thumbsup:

Thanks Demonica, I too will make an effort to remember to do that. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint daily and will continue to do so.

Unfortunately, we’ll be having 50+ people at our house (40th anniversary party for my in-laws), so I won’t be able to turn out the lights.

But I guess the lights should be out at all of our guest’s houses, right? So we’ll be indirectly participating.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for conserving whenever possible. I do quite a bit myself, but I do it because it’s the right thing to do not because of hysteria over climate change which may or (more likely) may not be man made.

I think we can all do our bit to help preserve our little piece of space rock. We really shouldn’t need such impending doom to do what’s right.

I understand that many people buy into the whole man made climate change thing, and I can respect that. I’ve simply done enough reading on the subject to make me have some serious doubts about it.

Didn’t mean any offense by my original remark. To be honest it was just me being a bit facetious as usual. :mrgreen:

I’m support the idea of keeping our little planet clean and tidy.

I agree with what you said whole heartedly knitting guy. I have doubts about man made global warming as well, but I DO believe in conservation for multiple other reasons and I DO conserve more and more every day. There are tons of reasons to reduce vehicle emissions and conserve energy and I respect any means to help bring attention to the subject :slight_smile:

I agree with you for the most part. I don’t support awareness of climate change because of hysteria and I don’t get wrapped up in hysteria either. I do my own research and form my own opinions based on what I research.

I am well aware the earth goes through cycles, but, I am also well aware of how much pollution has been caused by humans and, as I said, I find it very difficult to believe that throughout all we have done in the way of pollution, destroying forests, etc. it has not had any impact on the climate whatsoever.

Humans may not be the sole cause, but, I find it quite likely we are at least causing the acceleration of the changes in climate and not in a positive way.

I also believe a general awareness of the possibility that humans could be to blame, at least to an extent, does absolutely no harm and there’s absolutely nothing negative that comes from taking precautions. I mean what’s the worst that happens, your energy and gas bills go down?? lol

Anyway, my main point in posting this was for anyone who may not know about it and want to participate…maybe knit for an hour by candlelight or something…lol

Demonica, thank you for sharing that link.

I understand that there are differing levels of assessment about the degree of urgency, and about the full range of causes of Global Warming. As an active educator in environmental issues, I feel it is of primary importance to simply do what we can do to benefit the situation, however small or large those actions end up being in the end.

I personally do believe that human actions are the primary cause. I recently heard the NY State Wildlife Pathologist stating on the radio (paraphrasing as closely as I can recall) “The theory that man-made greenhouse gases are the primary cause of global warming is no longer contested in the scientific community. If a scientist states otherwise, you should seriously question their motives and take a close look at who is paying them to say that.” I tend to agree with this.

To me, the positive thing about this perspective is that it means that our actions can make a difference. It’s not about blaming ourselves or feeling guilty, but simply about spelling out clear goals for what to focus on. Now all we need is to put a bit more pressure on our law makers, so they actually get off their keisters (sp?) and take the positive action we all can agree is good for them to take.

Call it conservation or call it saving the planet, I’m glad to hear that we all agree that energy saving actions are a no-brainer! :thumbsup: It’s really what it boils down to, isn’t it? :heart:

Thanks again for the link Demonica.

I’m one of those people who believes that the earth goes through cycles, but what we are doing to the earth isn’t healthy for it. I feel it on a very personal level because my allergies are impacted by smog. I’m a big time conservationist. Don’t turn on lights just because I’m in a room. Use only compact floursescent (even in my flood lights outside). Drive fairly fuel effecient cars and try to walk when I can. etc etc etc.

There is an interesting article at snopes which I can’t seem to find at the moment that addresses such things as “refusing to fill the gas tank on a certain day” or “turning on your lights for a certain cause” (or in this case turning them off) and the little effect it has overall. While it may save me a few pennies to not turn on my lights for an hour, overall it does very little to effect the environment. Now if we could get everyone everyday to turn off all their lights for an hour, that may have a bigger impact on our electric use. :slight_smile:

In this case, however, it isn’t so much about the effect as it is the awareness; about sending a message throughout the world in regards to the need for action. It encourages people to remain thoughtful of climate change and take the necessary actions, everyday, to reduce our impact on the climate.

Honestly, I believe that is what’s really at the heart of things like “gas outs” as well. I think everyone knows one day of not buying gas isn’t going to make much of an impact on the oil companies, however, it does send a powerful message: we are aware and we will take the necessary steps to reduce our consumption.

A lot of people get hung up on the thought that “gas outs” don’t work because one day of not fueling up doesn’t hurt the oil companies, but, the true symbolism is lost…When the e-mails start going out about gas outs, everyone is aware of the problem, and, even if only for a short while, the gas situation is at the forefront of our minds. People start using alternative methods of transportation and doing what they can to reduce their consumption of gas. In that respect, I don’t find it futile. We cannot even attempt to change anything if we are unaware of the problem.

The whole thing about “gas outs” is that you aren’t encouraged to change anything, just the day you get gas. It would be way more effective to encourage everyone to not drive for a day. Take public transportation, ride your bike, walk, etc. Can you imagine the interstates if that was the idea? I know many of us can’t do that, but if you could it would be much more effective.


No matter what, no matter what day you do it on, entropy exists. Can’t change it, can’t change the laws of thermodynamics, and we certainly haven’t been able to change the ways of the people in some of the Third World countries. Some of them are better, most not, but over all they just don’t care.

Amy, I respect you, and love this site, but my scientific friends say just the opposite. They would have us check out the motivations of those who are pushing the global warming frenzy. Some of the same people who were pushing the Y2K fiasco, politicians who trumpet their ability to cause progress in this area.

The first ‘Earth Day’ (as though every day isn’t earth day) was in 1970. At that time, we were told by people with an hysterical edge to their voices that the earth was cooling rapidly, and there would be an ice age before we were fifty.