Earflap Hat with no top

Hi everyone:hug:anyone have a hat pattern like this: I went to a High School football game and some of the boys were wearing the coolest hats…They looked like earflap hats with no top…yep, the hat was bound off somewhere in the middle of the hat and the whole rest of the head was exposed…Now (since I’m a knitter:roflhard:) all 3 of my nephews would like me to whip one up for them:knitting:any thought or patterns? No don’t think I could come up with a pattern…:teehee: thanks all

Sounds like you could jusst knit a circular headband and put a couple ear flaps on the sides.


This thread lists a bunch of ear flap hats. You could follow the directions from the flaps up and just stop when the ‘band’ gets as wide as you want it, then bind off.

Thought about that:think: too, but the top had somewhat of a shape to it, headband would kinda stick up a little…right? Thanks

I would probably just knit a hat pattern that I liked. Knit couple of the decrease rounds (so it conforms to the head) and then bind off. Pick up stitches for the earflaps.